How to fight the Maskné?

What is the Maskné ?

The term "Maskne" is an association of the English words "mask" (mask) and "acne" (acne). You challenged us on this subject on social networks, it is the scourge that affects your skin this year. Dehydrated skin, tightness, acne pimples on the lower part of the face, blackheads ... Your skin is crying out for help (and so is ours). Here is an explanation of this phenomenon and an ideal routine to get rid of it.

What causes Masked ?

The area of ​​your face covered by the mask is subject to several attacks. The mask causes pressure, friction and friction. Most importantly, the mask creates an environment in which perspiration, sebum and bacteria move freely on your face. In general, masked skin is the result of your damaged natural hydro-lipid barrier and accumulations of bacteria, dust, perspiration and humidity. Not the most glamorous image you can imagine. Obviously, this is not a reason to stop wearing your mask! There are ways to mitigate this phenomenon. You need to tailor your routine to this particular time period for your skin.

How to prevent Masked ?

Here are some tips to prevent Masked :
  • Change your mask regularly (as recommended for its effectiveness).
  • Do not reuse single-use masks over several days and always wash fabric masks after use.
  • If you use fabric masks, use natural and fragrance-free detergents for washing them. You can even use baby detergent
  • Some people advise you not to wear makeup anymore, it's up to you. In our opinion, the important thing is to wash your face properly .
  • Favor treatments that soothe and calm your irritated skin.
  • Seek to strengthen your natural skin barrier .

Your anti- Masked routine

1. Double cleaning:

Double cleansing allows to effectively cleanse the skin . It's a staple of a good routine, especially at this time. Always start by using a fatty substance : a cleansing oil or Beauty Milk . Do not miss this step, even if you are not wearing make-up because it is this step which allows to catch the pollution, perspiration and impurities accumulated during the day. Next, cleanse your face with the Soap that saves the bees . This step allows to slide the impurities caught by the Beauty Milk and to rinse them .

2. The lotion:

The lotion step allows you to finalize your cleansing : it catches the last particles present on your face and eliminates the potential traces of limescale left by the rinsing water. The Healing Lotion fulfills this mission and prepares your skin for the following heals. Between the lotion and the essence, its active ingredients already hydrate your skin and participate in its regeneration .

3. The Serum:

This step is not mandatory but is important to maximize the effects of your care : complete your routine with a serum. Use hydrating serum to rebuild in the long term your natural hydro-lipid barrier.

4. End in style:

Capture the hydration brought to the skin by closing the hydro-lipid barrier with a thin layer of your Treatment Mask .It contains mountain honey, hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil and shea butter .. It is the perfect anti-Masked ally!

The little +: add 2 drops of Huile des Cimes to Care Mask for even more softness and repair .


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