Everything you need to know about layering

Layering is a traditional ritual that comes directly from Japan and is extremely widespread in Asia. It is a method of removing makeup and cleansing the face consisting of 6 to 10 steps. Layer means layer in English; layering therefore consists of superimposing different layers of care. At exertier we encourage much more flexible French-style layering. But for layering according to the rules of the art, you must apply your treatments in a very specific order.

The layering exertier consists of 5 steps:

1. Makeup remover (even when you don't have makeup on)

MORNING AND EVENING This is the most important step of layering. You must remove makeup from your face using a very fatty substance such as an oil or cream. At Exertier, we use Beauty Milk - L'Or de l'Orchidee which will be both our makeup remover and our cleanser.
  1. Place 2 squeezes in the palm of your dry hand.
  2. Apply to the face and neck using light massages with your fingertips and not with cotton, as this will irritate your skin!
  3. Rinse with cold water.
  4. Dry with a soft cloth.

You can repeat this ritual twice if necessary.

2. The lotion

MORNING AND EVENING The lotion helps eliminate the last impurities, preparing the skin for hydration and helping it to absorb aftercare, but also to eliminate limescale residue and reveal the radiance of the complexion. The treatment lotion - L'Or de l'Orchidee acts as a real engine of active ingredients thanks to its ultra light gel texture. The skin is intensely hydrated, plumped and visibly smoother.
  1. Place 2 squeezes in the palm of your dry hand.
  2. Distribute over the face.

3. The serum

MORNING AND EVENING The serum is a treatment which treats a specific problem, and which activates the benefits of the day cream. The Global Serum , with its 91% natural ingredients, has a fresh, ultra-concentrated formula which corrects the signs of skin aging, spots and loss of firmness. For who ? Suitable for all skin types who want to fight the signs of aging, including sensitive skin.
  1. Apply 2 pressures in the palm of your dry hand.
  2. Distribute over the face.

4. Moisturizing cream

MORNING AND/OR EVENING This step will hydrate and protect the skin and provide it with specific care depending on your age. The Care Cream - Orchid Gold provides rapid, intense and lasting hydration on a daily basis and helps the skin adapt to the extreme conditions of life: stress, environment and aging.
  1. Apply a small amount of treatment to the palm of your dry hand.
  2. Distribute over the face.
The advice from Julie, our founder: “choose the serum and the day cream from the same brand so that they interact.”

5. The eye area

MORNING AND EVENING The area around the eyes is very fragile and very fine, this is often where the first signs of aging appear, fine lines and dark circles. Eye Care - Le Miracle du Miel concentrated in pure and precious Courchevel Honey with moisturizing and restorative properties.
  1. Apply to the eye contour from the inside to the outside, tapping lightly until completely absorbed.

Advice from Julie, our founder: “leave the serum in the refrigerator for a decongestant effect.”


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