Vegetable oils: for or against?

Vegetable oils are natural oils filled with very distinct properties . It is therefore important to choose the one that corresponds to your skin type , your problems and your skin goals . For this, here is a presentation of the vegetable oils to favor depending on your skin type.

The different uses of vegetable oils

You can use vegetable oils to:

  • remove your makeup
  • application as a day care oil 
  • application as a deep night treatment

For different skin types

For combination skin

Jojoba oil is an oil whose fatty acid composition most closely resembles the composition of the skin's natural sebum . It hydrates , nourishes and protects combination skin without a greasy finish .

Hazelnut oil is also suitable for this type of skin, it penetrates very easily into the skin and is non-comedogenic , ideal for nourishing your skin by limiting the appearance of imperfections .

Grapeseed oil is a dry, low-comedogenic oil . It nourishes the skin and controls sebum production while limiting the appearance of pores .

For oily skin

Jojoba oil , as mentioned previously, takes care of your skin without greasing it and helps regulate the natural production of sebum .

Black seed oil helps regulate sebum production and also has properties that allow it to significantly combat imperfections . It is the ideal ally for oily skin for clear skin and regulated sebum .

For dry skin

Sweet almond oil penetrates the epidermis very easily, this way it nourishes the skin intensely and also has calming properties .

Argan oil is ideal for dry and malnourished skin , with its regenerating and intensely nourishing action , this oil is one of the perfect oils for dry skin.

Avocado oil is nourishing , brings suppleness and elasticity to the skin to allow you to regain all your comfort . It is therefore an oil particularly suitable for dry skin.

For sensitive skin

Calendula oil is used in a thick layer to calm irritation , itching or sunburn but also in daily care in a thin layer to calm irritation of the skin while nourishing it .

Chamomile oil soothes your skin and has calming properties on the nervous system, it protects your skin from free radicals and therefore acts as a shield to protect and nourish your sensitive skin.

For mature skin

Argan oil is the perfect ally to nourish your mature skin while fighting against skin aging . This oil is rich in antioxidants and helps neutralize free radicals responsible for premature aging of the skin.

Borage oil is your ideal natural partner thanks to its richness in fatty acids which plays a stimulating role , promoting the renewal of skin cells . The latter is therefore perfect for protecting the skin and slowing down its aging .

Rosehip oil reduces irritation and inflammation . It is recommended for mature skin because it is very nourishing and protective .

After all this information, we are counting on you to test vegetable oils and adopt them into your routine!

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