The benefits of pro-collagen

Collagen is a protein naturally present in our body . This protein allows the skin to maintain its bounce , suppleness and elasticity . However, over time, the presence of collagen in the skin decreases , giving rise to the appearance of wrinkles and age marks .

Fortunately for those who want it, there is a very specific ingredient that can reactivate the production of this protein , thus preventing the marks of time .

But then what is this ingredient ?

A natural ingredient

Collagen itself is a key ingredient in various cosmetic ranges . This ingredient fights against skin aging and the signs of aging .

It is the most present protein in the human body , it represents 6% of our total weight and is therefore an essential element for maintaining the quality of our skin.

However, by simply applying collagen to the skin, the treatment remains superficial . The production of this protein remains slow and the skin only benefits from the properties of collagen for a short time and superficially .

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By turning to pro-collagen , it is not a simple boost to your skin but a boost for your entire body since this active ingredient will allow you to protect the collagen already present in your skin, and will also stimulate the production and synthesis of this protein within your body.

In this way, you will benefit from all the properties of collagen , in an amplified way , thanks to the reactivation of the natural production of this protein .

Its anti-aging , regenerating and highly hydrating qualities are yours .

To amplify the results , do not hesitate to favor cosmetic products enriched with pro-collagen and hyaluronic acid . These two ingredients retain water, thus helping to fight against dehydration and prevent the signs of aging .

These ingredients play an important role in the healing and regeneration process of the skin, thus promoting cell renewal .

Where can I find this asset?

In the Care Cream which is a rich cream with a light texture and a formula concentrated in precious oils . We guarantee you a cocooning moment and hydrated and firmed skin with incomparable comfort.

In the Care Lotion which is a soothing , rebalancing and anti-oxidant lotion which will prepare your skin to receive its care while hydrating and firming it .

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