How is Huile des Cimes a shield for the skin?

External aggressions, poor diet, wearing a mask... a perfect combo that makes your skin the ideal victim. Tightness, redness, dull complexion, etc. recurring signs that alert you to the sensitivity of your skin.

To remedy this, there are many products on the cosmetics market. Products that are like bandages to be applied once the damage is done, to restore comfort, radiance and elasticity to your skin.

But did you know that there are also some to protect your skin in advance and thus avoid as much as possible the daily problems that your skin encounters?

And yes ! Not a fan of armory but of formulas, Exertier has an ideal shield for your skin. Besides, we thought it would be best to present it to you in this article. So, stay with us until the last line!

Exertier Peak Oil: A shield against aggression

Oil of the Peaks

Plumping + Radiance | 49€

Among the different products available in our two ranges, the perfect shield for your skin that we wanted to tell you about in this article is: Huile des Cimes from our Miracle du Miel range.

Suitable for all skin types and particularly sensitive skin most prone to aggression, our Huile des Cimes is the daily gesture to give to your skin.

Enriched with 10 super ingredients (apart from high-altitude honey which is the reference in our Miracle du Miel range), it will particularly relieve your dehydrated skin and restore its lost radiance, thanks to its plumping and radiance properties. ; a composition of 100% ingredients of natural origin which makes it a particularly gentle dry oil, in order to best comfort your skin.

A super oil, thanks to quality ingredients

Among its 100% ingredients of natural origin, our Huile des Cimes contains 5 super ingredients with multiple actions:

-> Aronia melanocarpa which, from a global point of view, is one of the most antioxidant plants that can be found. Precisely in cosmetics, it will play this antioxidant role for your skin by protecting it from external aggressions, such as pollution.

Separation -> Hyssop which, when used externally, will help reduce bruising but also soothe irritated and acne-prone skin; this, thanks to an antioxidant action that frees asphyxiated skin and promotes cell renewal .

Separation -> Butterfly Lavender to smooth facial muscles and thus give a relaxed effect to your skin.

Separation -> Mallow extracts to provide softness and protection to your skin; perfect for sensitive, delicate and dry skin .

Separation -> Beta carotene for a “healthy glow” effect , limiting skin aging and promoting tanning ; all thanks to its anti-oxidant action and stimulation of melanin production .

But that's not all ! Alongside these ingredients, you will find in this small bottle many other super rich active ingredients which are precisely 5 oils ; enough to make our Huile des Cimes, a dry oil full of powers to take care of your skin!

Precious oils yes, but which ones?

Oil of the Peaks

-> Jojoba oil which, thanks to its regenerating properties , will nourish , protect and rebalance your skin.

Separation -> Sweet almond oil rich in omega-9, to restore suppleness and deeply nourish your skin.

Separation -> Sunflower oil which will both prevent dehydration of your skin but also nourish it and help it soften .

Separation -> Soybean oil to naturally hydrate your skin, soften and soothe it . It will even suit combination skin, hydrating dry areas and controlling oil levels in oily areas.

Separation -> Unsaponifiable olive oil for increased antioxidant properties , thanks to a choice ingredient (corresponding to the fattest part of olive oil) intended for dry and sensitive skin.

His little extra

Treetop Oil Info

Looking at the number of oils contained in our Huile des Cimes, you may think that it is a particularly oily product . However, this product is so well designed that it will leave a non-greasy finish on your skin , perfect if you don't like texture residue on it!

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