Between DO's & DON'Ts, how to properly use a gua sha?

Do you know the Gua Sha massage technique? An ancestral Chinese technique, it restores vitality to your skin thanks to an invigorating massage.

So, doing your gua sha massage at home is an excellent idea, but doing it with art and style is even better!

How to properly massage your face with gua sha?

➡ Follow our expert's tutorial just below, for a "facial massage" moment done from top to bottom and above all, avoid mishandling the accessory.

DON'Ts & DO's n°1

Don't hold the tool at a harsh angle

Do hold the tool on a flat angle and slide

DON'Ts & DO's n°2

Don't stir aggressively at the end of each stroke

Do stir gently or not at all (it is not traditional to stir as it breaks up the “chi” (energy)

DON'Ts & DO's n°3

Don't don't make downward movements

Do always make upward and outward movements

DON'Ts & DO's n°4

Don't Don't go back and forth

Do make long intentional strokes

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