How to repair your hydro-lipid barrier?

The skin's hydro-lipid film is necessary for healthy , plump skin.

It is a film that acts as a barrier on your skin to protect it from external aggressions and maintain tissue hydration . This barrier is made up of sebum , water but also sweat .

It is an invisible film which forms a barrier between the outside air and your skin , it is present over your entire body and is renewed regularly to protect it effectively.

An undamaged hydro-lipid barrier allows for plump, hydrated and glowing skin as well as an even complexion .
It is therefore important to maintain this hydrolipidic film and not to attack it .

Some actions to avoid

Foaming cleansing gels

This type of cleanser is extremely harsh on the skin. To obtain this light and abundant foam, these cosmetic products are made up of surfactants which prove to be extremely drying and irritating for your skin.

This type of cleanser is therefore not ideal for preserving and protecting the hydrolipidic film of your skin.

Grain scrubs

Grainy scrubs damage the surface of the skin. The need to activate the exfoliating action by rubbing the skin excites the sebaceous glands then producing excessive sebum to protect themselves from this attack, thus unbalancing the skin as well as its hydrolipidic barrier.

texture grain scrub

Aggressive care and too frequent exfoliation

Avoid peels and aggressive treatments in general. By blushing , pulling or heating your skin sends you the very clear message that it is being attacked , which we want to avoid at all costs .

To avoid this, throw away products that give you a feeling of discomfort during application and favor natural cosmetics suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive .

In short, avoid all products that attack, sensitize, make your skin red or dry out.

How to repair your hydro-lipid barrier in a lasting and effective manner?

Perform a double cleansing

Use gentle and suitable cleansers to clean your skin without attacking it while protecting its hydro-lipid barrier thanks to gentle active ingredients and suitable textures.

Start with Beauty Milk to remove makeup and dissolve all impurities while enjoying the softness of the shea butter that it contains.

Then turn to Royal Jelly to complete makeup removal and cleansing your skin while preserving tissue hydration .

The start of hydration

Then apply the Treatment Lotion , a moisturizing lotion to complete your cleansing while intensely hydrating your skin, very lightly thanks to its texture and boosting the action of the products you will apply subsequently.

The crucial step

Finally, to preserve your skin as much as possible and its hydrolipidic barrier, apply a moisturizing cream adapted to your needs and problems.
But don't forget the area around your eyes , a sensitive area that requires special care with Eye Care .

Concerning moisturizing creams, if you have combination to dry skin , lacking radiance , opt for the Light Cream to nourish your skin without excess and preserve its balance.

If, on the contrary, your skin is mature , dry to dehydrated , opt instead for the Care Cream which is a cream which will take care of your skin in depth thanks to its prodigious nourishing and hydrating power .

The little extra

Finally, to pamper your skin as much as possible, carry out a one-week treatment with the Treatment Mask , leaving it on in a thin layer all night .

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