How to perform an effective Gua Sha massage?

Gua sha , a tool whose effectiveness is no longer in doubt , from China which allows you to reshape the oval of the face , smooth features and wrinkles for plumper , more radiant and firmer skin .

But then why is this practice so effective and how to perform a gua sha massage properly?

How it works ?

Gua Sha is a stone of a certain shape adapted to the contours of your face . This tool can be made of different semi-precious stones giving it distinct properties . By performing a massage with the right pressure and the right gestures , you activate the micro-circulation of blood in your face and can activate certain acupressure points allowing you to release tension in both the body and the face.

By performing this massage once a day and every day , the skin remembers the movements and tensions carried out which allow the face to be lifted .

French Glow gua sha massage

The micro-circulation of the blood being activated , the oxygenation of the cells is favored, as is their renewal.
Allowing the skin to renew itself more frequently and be firmer .

How to perform this massage?

It is first of all essential to apply a fatty substance before the massage to make the stone slide easily and at the risk of creating wrinkles and fine lines by forgetting this step. It is then essential to carry out the right movements with a certain pressure, from the inside to the outside of the face and from the bottom to the top for a sculpting and lifting effect .

The movements must each be performed 5 to 10 times on the same area, i.e. the chin, cheeks, cheekbones, brow bone, forehead, etc.

If you have a gua sha but are unsure about your massage, you can make an appointment with skincare experts who will teach you gua sha massage so that you can benefit from all the benefits of this practice.

To perform this massage: Huile des Cimes is an ideal oil since it is enriched with precious oils and honey , perfect ingredients for a regenerating action .

Finally, if you are looking for glow , the Gua Sha French Glow will meet all your expectations. Indeed, the jade stone will give you an unparalleled glow and smooth your wrinkles and fine lines while soothing your skin.

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