What happens when skin ages?

Several physiological factors influence changes in your skin throughout life.
As time passes , your sebaceous glands become rarer and function at a lower rate .
The rate of cell renewal slows down . At 35 years old, it is estimated that the skin renews itself in 28 days on average. After age 60, the skin can take up to 50 days to renew itself.
You know perfectly well that hormones have an impact on the condition of your skin. And this, all your life . Aging of the skin is no exception. The drop in hormone levels in the blood has consequences on the body and the skin.

This is also why the changes on men's bodies are generally less drastic: hormonal changes are less in them compared to those of women.
We must already imagine the skin as a succession of layers . Among these, we distinguish the dermis and the epidermis . As skin ages, the layers become thinner . Then, gravity does its work and the different layers collapse .

Your skin changes are unique to you. They obviously differ depending on you, your habits and your pace of life .

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What are the signs that my skin is aging?

As we have just mentioned, the way your skin evolves will be specific to you. In very general terms, we observe the following signs:
  • Your skin becomes thinner , you notice small visible vessels, texture that you did not see before.
  • Your skin dehydrates more quickly, you have feelings of discomfort a few hours after applying your moisturizer, your skin feels tight easily.
  • Your skin is less supple than before: it marks more easily (the marks from the sheets remain anchored on your cheek longer than before)
  • Your skin shows spots that appear or become more and more pronounced
  • The contours of your face change , you have the impression that your skin is “falling”
  • You notice the appearance of wrinkles

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What causes skin aging?

The weather ! Quite simply.
No need to fight against the effects of physics and time , it's clearly beyond our reach !
There are of course factors that have been identified as incubators, accelerators of skin aging. Here are a few :
  • Significant exposure to the Sun. Overuse of UV rays weakens the skin and leaves indelible marks.
  • The dehydration . Insufficient hydration leaves room for wrinkles to appear on your skin.
  • Pollution. Pollution is an external attack on the skin which damages it over time.
  • Excessive consumption of tobacco or alcohol . Substances found in cigarettes break down your skin cells. Alcohol dehydrates the skin.
  • An unbalanced diet. As we often say, diet and the condition of your skin are closely linked to the quality of our diet. You have to take care of it for your health and for your skin

Would you like to join the pro-aging revolution?

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At Exertier, we tend to think that age only matters if you are a good bottle of wine or cheese ...
You might as well not engage in a senseless and exhausting fight against yourself. Wouldn't it be better to accept the passage of time and the signs that accompany it? And why not make these signs of age markers of your history that you wear proudly?

Learn more about the French Aging philosophy

If you still want to slow down the appearance of these signs of the passage of time, we can understand you. We have made a short list of good practices for you to keep your skin healthy for as long as possible:

  • Take care of your skin gently , with natural and adapted treatments.
  • Adopt double cleansing
  • Moisturize your skin with a cream adapted to your needs. Be careful, it is important to listen and observe your skin to adapt your routine.
  • Protect your skin from UV rays by wearing natural sunscreen daily.
  • Choose foods rich in antioxidants , omega 3 and vitamins to preserve your skin.

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