The power of stones on your skin

Do you know lithotherapy?

The art of trusting nature and stones to take care of your body , your soul and your skin . Here is an article to reveal to you all the secrets of prestigious rocks , useful to your skin to meet all its needs .

In order to benefit from all the properties of these stones , depending on your skin, use a gua sha adapted to your skin problem to sculpt your face while enjoying the benefits of this tool linked to the needs of your skin.

For dry skin

Choose soft stones with soothing and preserving properties .
The mother-of-pearl pearl and the jade stone are stones that will suit your skin perfectly and will preserve all its hydration .

For oily skin

Conversely, certain stones help regulate sebum production , allowing you to gently take care of your oily skin . Among these stones we find moonstone and ruby .

For mature skin

Choose firming stones like amethyst , tourmaline , hematite or red jasper .
These stones stimulate the production of collagen and thus the elasticity of the skin .

For dull skin

To add radiance to your skin , use jade or ruby .

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