Why choose body brushes over suction cups against cellulite?

Cellulite, almost everyone's sworn enemy . We strive to make it disappear , to do draining massages , to limit our consumption of salt or certain foods to limit it or even make it disappear.

But it is important to remember that cellulite is natural , almost all women have it and this effect on the skin does not indicate poor health .

Some people may have heavy legs and retain water , in these cases it is important to consult to relieve these feelings of discomfort , but when the appearance of cellulite is only visual and does not provide any sensation of discomfort , there is no point in demonizing it or devaluing oneself .

However in our current society, it is natural to want to accept oneself , and if this means reducing this cellulite as much as possible, here is our ultimate advice to do it while respecting your body , in a holistic , soothed beauty approach and not by going against yourself and against your body .

What methods should you avoid?

Anti-cellulite suction cups should be avoided . In an era where this tool is highly publicized on social networks, you should actually be wary of it.

For what ? Because this miracle product promises results after just a few weeks of daily massages but it could actually hurt you .

Anti-cellulite suction cup

Indeed: severe pain after use, appearance of bruises , bursting of blood vessels ultimately leading to the formation of varicose veins , creation of stretch marks ... This aggressive tool for the skin can therefore do more damage than miracles.

But then what is the appropriate method?

The most suitable method is dry body brushing . It is a technique which consists of brushing your body using a brush from the bottom upwards , without oil.

This ancestral technique will exfoliate the skin, making it softer and luminous but will also have a draining action by bringing up fluids and breaking up the dimples that cause cellulite .

Body brushing

Following the massage, you can apply a cooling gel to relieve your feelings of heavy legs , creams or oils.
Auberge Oil is perfect for this use, thanks to the arnica it contains and the various oils that compose it.

Inn Oil

Regardless of the method chosen, keep in mind that lifestyle is the element that will have the most fundamental impact on the appearance of your cellulite.

So eat seasonal products , fruits and vegetables , drink plenty of water, don't salt your dishes too much and exercise : you will be able to limit the visible appearance of your cellulite while doing good for your body . , because beauty is a whole .

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