The Best Honey Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

For sensitive skin as red as tomatoes and irritated by the current cold weather, at Exertier we have developed a tailor-made treatment adapted to your sensitive skin ! A clean and committed cream, moisturizing and radiance booster, with good honey from the French Alps to comfort your skin prone to external aggression:

The Light Cream
Moisturizing + Radiance | 59€
Light cream Or the cream that comes in three “why” options?

1. Clean and committed, why?

A clean Light Cream; designed in France, from healthy beauty and composed of 98% ingredients of natural origin.

And did you know that your cosmetics could be pledged? That by proudly placing them on your bathroom shelf, you are raising awareness and taking a step forward?

By consuming treatments such as those from Exertier and the Light Cream, you are making an exceptional choice because of course, it is an excellent product ( hihi ) but also exceptional because you follow Exertier and its beegan commitment ; to discover in more detail right here .

Light cream

2. The ally of sensitive skin, why?

With the Light Cream, no more thick textures that suffocate the skin and leave a greasy film! Give way to a formula suitable for sensitive skin, with a unique and light texture that perfectly hydrates and gives you baby-like skin.

Without saying goodbye to an INCI list rich in good ingredients. Because yes, that's also Exertier: Limit the components to avoid skin reactions and abrasion and only choose preferred active ingredients.
All these superb assets, we'll tell you about them right after...

Light Floral Cream

3. Moisturizing and radiance booster, why?

Because at Exertier we advocate positive radiance, commonly called French Glow, the Light Cream is no exception to the rule! A true concentrate of natural active ingredients but also of softness, hydration and radiance to bring to your skin, the Light Cream is a little treasure made up of a thousand and one riches:

  • Hyaluronic Acid with moisturizing, plumping and firming action
  • Honey from the French Alps renowned for its virtues suitable for sensitive skin and for a guaranteed French Glow and honey smell
  • Organic Safflower oil rich in natural antioxidants and which helps to soothe redness thanks to the vitamin K it contains.

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