The Spa… at home!

Many of you told us on social networks that you were even more stressed and exhausted by this confinement than the first time. How about having a spa moment… at home? We've put together our top tips for having absolute relaxation at home.

The atmosphere

First, make an appointment with yourself. Yes yes, really! In your schedule (which we know is very busy), place a time slot that you will not have the right to miss.
  • Set a time for yourself. Whether it's 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours… It's up to you. But stick to your appointment as you would in a beauty salon.
  • Don't stay where you tele-work. Nor in the midst of playing children or next to the TV on.
  • Add candles and some music. Choose sweet playlists or your favorite album.

Beneficial oil treatment for your hair

exertier-clean-beauty-beauté-naturelle-routine-layering-efficacité-efficace-huiledescimes-bougie-spa-massage-confinement If the sebum cure from the first lockdown of 2020 left you with bad memories, we have a lighter (and quicker) alternative for nice effects on your mane:
  • Moisten your hair (preferably dirty)
  • Apply the oil of your choice (which you will have heated in your hands) on your lengths. You can go back to the skull.
  • Leave on overnight for good results or for a shorter period of time, a few hours are enough.
  • If you have long hair, tie it up in a braid or bun.

The natural exfoliating treatment for your body

Follow Julie's natural and very simple recipe to exfoliate your body by nourishing the skin. Softness and baby skin effect guaranteed!
  • Combine the remaining morning coffee grounds, olive oil and honey for sweetness.
  • Apply in circular massages on your body.
  • Everything can be rinsed in the shower and will not have any negative consequences on the environment.

The facial sauna

A facial sauna opens the pores and cleans the face. Perform this step before applying your usual care or a mask.
  • Bring two to three glasses of water to a boil
  • Transfer to a suitable container
  • Place your clean face over the container.
  • Keep a distance of 30 centimeters between your face and the container to avoid discomfort and burning.

A facial massage with Gua Sha

Recreate the experience of an Exertier facial treatment at home. The Spa des Cimes ritual is directly inspired by the expertise of our 5-star spas in the French Alps. The Cimes Oil 100% natural, ultra sensory and with a non-greasy finish brings a real boost to your complexion for plump and radiant skin. The Gua Sha is a beauty tool that has been used for centuries, it makes the skin brighter, firmer and rejuvenated from the first use! Its natural yellow jade stone is known to be the stone of happiness, loyalty and wealth, perfect to bring you good waves during your Spa des Cimes ritual. How to perform a Gua Sha massage:
  • On clean, makeup-free skin, apply the Peak Oil and drag the Gua Sha along the face, maintaining light pressure.
  • Smooth the skin with the Gua Sha from the inside to the outside of the face and from the bottom up.
  • Repeat each movement 5 to 10 times.
  • Find our Gua Sha massage tutorial here . The skin may turn red during the Gua Sha massage: this means that it works and that the blood circulation is activated. Be careful not to press too hard either. The pressure should be kept gentle.

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