Interview: Nathalie Rozborski


March 8: International Women's Rights Day

For this month of March, the Exertier Trésor des Alpes team has decided to talk to you about several women. Why these women? Because we admire them and because we believe their words can inspire you as much as they did us.

Today, read Nathalie Rozborski.

Nathalie Rozborski is the general director of the famous business and creative intelligence consulting agency: Nelly Rodi. Basically, she advises brands all over the world to invent our tomorrow . Nathalie is often the girl I think of when I tell myself that we can have everything: professional success, family, friends and ambition. Before meeting her, she intimidated me a lot because for me she was a real role model for women today. I have since had the chance to spend time with her and she is so funny and friendly that my intimidation has become boundless admiration for her. Nathalie has this talent to inspire people but also to bring them together. I am very proud to inaugurate with this incredible woman the first series of portraits for our Beauty Journal .

Who are you and what does International Women's Day mean to you?

I am Nathalie Rozborski. I am Franco-Polish, I am 36 years old, two children. I have been running the NellyRodi company for 3 and a half years and I am also the president of the EllesInLouvre association.

International Women's Day is a really special day for me.

In several ways, firstly because it is a day which celebrates the freedom and civic rights of women. It's not women's day. It is a day which celebrates social progress and above all access to the same rights for all.

It’s also an anniversary date! That of the association that I chair, EllesInLouvre, which was born on Women's Rights Day in 2017. This association aims to support women and families in the 1st arrondissement in their quest for well-being via two axes : sport and access to culture

Who is your biggest female inspiration?

I really have a lot of them around me. I am a network girl, of women's clubs. I love that !

If I had to name just one it would perhaps be Nathalie BALLA, the woman behind the successful transformation of a French heritage fashion house: La Redoute

In another genre, I am very sensitive to a whole generation of stars of the Paris Opera, Dorothée Gilbert is for me also a very inspiring woman.

What were the difficulties when you started your professional life and how did you overcome them?

I think the most difficult thing in a professional life for a woman is finding her place, and sticking to it.

Align with yourself, accept who you are, build yourself and grow based on that.

Each has its own recipe. There is no single possible answer. Giving yourself the freedom to embrace your deepest nature is for me the only possible path for anyone who wants to flourish.

The book I wrote, a guide to be published in September 2020 by Editions Marabout, has as its central subject personal alignment and self-confidence. How are these two pillars determining in a happy identity construction at a time when women receive so many contradictory injunctions?

What is your ultimate advice for balancing your life as a woman and your work?

Define methodically and precisely what is superfluous and what is necessary or even essential. Agree to delegate at home and at work.

Choose your battles and your priorities.

Julie Exertier Nathalie's news: As mentioned above, Nathalie is releasing a book very soon, follow her on Instagram and on LinkedIn to keep up to date with the progress of the project. To find out more about Nathalie, we invite you to listen to this COACHAPPY podcast .

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