Interview: Chantal Soutarson - Beauty Toaster

For this month of March, the Exertier Trésor des Alpes team has decided to talk to you about several women. Why these women? Because we admire them and because we believe their words can inspire you as much as they did us.

Today, read Chantal Soutarson.

Chantal Soutarson is the brilliant founder of the beauty podcast Beauty Toaster . We like to tell Chantal and I that we started to be “ Instagram friends ”. In fact, I contacted Chantal via the famous social network to suggest that she try our products. I admit that I was already a big fan of her because she was editor-in-chief of one of my cult magazines: “ Votre Beauté ” which was at the time THE ultimate reference for a self-respecting skincare brand. Over lunches and discussions, we built a friendship based on deep professional respect and a lot of complicity .

My participation in his podcast was a big turning point for me : it allowed me to speak for the first time in a very precise way about the vision of Exertier and where I wanted to take my brand. I hope that this interview will make you want to discover Chantal's work and the wonderful platform she offers to new beauty entrepreneurs in her podcast.

Who are you and what does International Women's Day mean to you?
I am Chantal , beauty and wellness journalist in the women's press for 25 years. I created two years ago, Beauty Toaster , the 1st beauty and well-being podcast in French.

This day reminds me... that there is still too much " work to do " and 364 days (or rather 365 this year) to fight to obtain and strengthen fundamental rights (strengthening of the law against violence against women; equal pay, etc.). In fact, this day reminds me that there is still so much to do... I hope my daughter sees real improvement. As for me, I won't live long enough to see this long-awaited improvement...

Chantal Soutarson

Who is your biggest female inspiration?
My mother who fought so hard. Oprah Winfrey and her crazy journey. And then there are all these women I meet , who all launch their projects with courage and tenacity, despite the pitfalls.

What were the difficulties when you started your professional life and how did you overcome them?
I had to face ordinary racism, jealousy, and pettiness too (women of my generation did not do themselves any favors). I had the obligation to always do more than the others, to show that I was not an impostor, that I had not "stolen" my place, and despite everything, I have the feeling that I was never recognized for my true value . To keep moving forward, I built a shell for myself. A few times it cracked, I got discouraged, but I always got back up . I believe that I have great inner strength that allows me to bounce back and find solutions to problems.

What is your ultimate advice for balancing your life as a woman and your work?
Do something for yourself . Sports or a manual activity. This allows you to relieve stress and better cope with the famous mental load , especially when you are a single mother, like me.


Chantal's news:

-> March 13, 2020: a B2B talk-workshop accompanied by a confirmed entrepreneur for young beauty entrepreneurs (More information on his LinkedIn profile ).

-> March 14, 2020: a Pimp My Skincare workshop for beauty fans who want to simplify their routine and learn real facialist gestures. A workshop co-hosted with Parisian facialist Chantal Lehmann ( Tickets available here ).

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