How to choose your clean facial makeup remover?

Because it is the first daily gesture, it is essential to clean your face morning and evening and to adopt a double cleansing system preferably for your evening routine, the choice of your makeup remover is very important.

Depending on your texture preferences, your skin type or following a more or less clean composition, the choice of a makeup remover is very wide and you will inevitably find not the shoe that fits you but the makeup remover that fits your face!

From milk, to micellar water, through cleansing oil or foam, how to target the makeup remover to adopt according to your skin type?

Soap that saves bees

For dry skin , it is preferable to choose a cleansing milk ; thanks to a creamy texture and lipid active ingredients such as Shea butter rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, it is a guaranteed supply of hydration to restore a nourished epidermis ! However, choosing a milk is good but not choosing just any milk is even better! Choose makeup removers with clean compositions, without parabens and phenoxyethanol.

Our clean recommendation?
Beauty milk Beauty Milk
Cleanser + Care | 26€

For reactive skin , the gentler the makeup remover, the more perfect the choice is for your intolerant skin! Therefore, it is advisable to favor dermatological bars or gentle soaps to massage delicately on your face and to combine with a spritz of thermal water , which will relieve redness and remove any residue of makeup.

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Soap that saves bees The Soap that Saves the Bees
Face + Body | 12€

For combination skin , opt for micellar waters , or make-up remover jellies and milks but this time (unlike a make-up remover for dry skin), opt for a rather light texture , so as not to further suffocate your skin and that it once again secretes excess sebum on your oily areas.

Our clean recommendation?
Royal jelly Royal jelly
Cleanser + Radiance | 19€

For oily skin , choose a makeup remover that will detoxify and purify your skin, such as water or micellar lotion ; the most suitable and comfortable makeup remover for your skin! Indeed, it will bring freshness to your skin while removing excess sebum contained on your oily skin and even, without leaving a greasy film ; enough to avoid a vicious circle between cleansing and adding oil to the skin.

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Care Lotion The Care Lotion
Preparation + Booster | 35€

And if you are more of a makeup remover oil team, rest assured! A clean makeup remover oil is just as suitable for dry and/or sensitive skin .

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Oil of the Peaks
Plumping + Radiance | 49€

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