Good skincare reflexes when traveling

The month of June is finally here and the holidays are fast approaching : the ideal time to reflect on your vacation .
However, to reach your little corner of paradise , it is sometimes necessary to take a plane , creating an environment that is far from ideal for your skin.

Due to the pressure in the cabin and the dryness of the air , your skin will tend to dry out , the blood will also flow more towards the legs and feet , possibly creating feelings of discomfort .
Here are some tips to make this long-awaited trip as pleasant for your skin as it is for you .

Your hair

Let's start with your hair first. The dryness of the cabin and the friction on the back of your seat will dry out your hair but can also break it .

To overcome this type of inconvenience, nothing could be simpler: tie your hair with a silk scrunchie to preserve the hydration of your hair and protect it from friction .
Create a protective hairstyle that will not pull your hair too much but will still hold it in place.

woman in front of mirror long blond hair

Your contours

You can then begin your treatments by applying the Eye Care to your eye area as well as your lip area .
This smoothing and plumping treatment will be your perfect ally to hydrate your skin while respecting the delicacy and sensitivity of these areas of your face .

Then apply the reusable eye patches to concentrate the action of your previously applied treatment and increase its effects tenfold .
If you like sleeping in the dark with an eye mask , also choose silk to preserve the quality of your skin .

Your face

Then apply the Care Mask in a thick layer to your face, neck, décolleté and hands to intensely nourish and hydrate your skin while plumping it and protecting it from the dry air in the cabin.

The final touch

To seal in the hydration provided by the Treatment Mask and once it is perfectly absorbed by your skin, apply Huile des Cimes and perform a gua sha massage to activate the blood microcirculation of the face and provide a natural glow .

And because we are what we eat

Remember to drink water regularly during your flight and limit your salt intake .

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