Our story

Our story

Beauty: A family secret

Exertier is above all a family story, of women who love the Alps and pass on the secrets of traditional Savoyard herbal medicine from mother to daughter. This botanical expertise, this unique knowledge of the Alpine ecosystem and this love of nature are at the heart of the approach that has created the Exertier beauty treatments.

Today, this exceptional heritage combined with the most highest quality cosmetology is expressed through our unique formulas. Each product line developed by Exertier celebrates the beauty and strength of Alpine nature, which is able to deploy stunning self-defense mechanisms to survive cold and a lack of oxygen. Mechanisms that are now passed on and intelligently “mimicked” in order to enhance the beauty of women.

The first Alpine treasure is unveiled: the extraordinary longevity of the Alpine orchid, also called the Lady’s Slipper, which gave rise to L’OR DE L’ORCHIDEE®. A precious line, bursting with anti-ageing active ingredients, the very essence of youth.

In 2017, Exertier is inspired by the purity of the nectar of the bees of the high mountain ranges. With LE MIRACLE DU MIEL®, the skin is infused with the highly healing and moisturizing virtues of this exceptional honey for skin that is simply more beautiful and stronger.

Exertier’s plans for the future? To put this rare, pure and powerful nature at the heart of each product and offer it to all women. Revealing again and again the secrets of this preserved nature between the peaks and the sky. This Alpine secret that gives so much for their beauty

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